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Whether you’re an individual practitioner or a large healthcare organization, the level of service your staff provides dictates how you are perceived—regardless of the health outcome.

96% of patient complaints are related to customer-service issues, according to the Journal of Medical Practice Management. Since most of the patient visit takes place without the doctor present, practitioners are not able to personally address these issues—in many cases, they may not even be aware of them.

Given that improving staff performance is associated with better:

  • patient experience
  • survey scores
  • employee satisfaction
  • online reputation
  • clinical outcomes
  • reimbursement

Why is so little emphasis placed on this critical area?

In part because effective staff education takes visibility, accountability, and frequency. And when training isn’t built for the medical office or clinic—think “long lunch and learns” or never-ending PowerPoints—it can disrupt productivity and sap morale.

We built Protoqual PX to train busy front-line medical office staff in the essential customer service techniques that enhance patient experience and streamline office administration.

Our world-class animated video lessons are mobile friendly, on-demand, and less than three minutes long, so your employees can learn on their own schedule without impacting productivity. Built-in gamification and incentives drive staff participation and maximize retention. And our management tools make it easy for leaders to track who’s learning, reward progress, and evaluate ROI.

There’s a way to make those boring lunch and learns a thing of the past. We think you’ll notice a difference, and your patients will too.

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