Quiqnote helps users in academic and medical settings get more out of their reading material.

Medical learners can interact closely with the latest journals, guideline updates and other source material, curating, saving, and summarizing content from diverse locations into a cohesive personal library searchable by keywords and ICD10 codes.

Remember More of Your Reading

Improve memory by engaging more closely with reading material, highlighting and saving without interrupting your workflow.

Keep and Organize What's Important

Build your own library of essential content, consolidating diffuse sources in a single location, accessible anywhere.

Retain and Share What You Learn

Refer to your library as needed, or write summaries that can be shared within your learning community.

How Quiqnote Helps

Never read the same again.

  • Your Challenges
  • How Quiqnote Helps
  • Positive Outcomes
  • Too Many Formats

    Content in different formats from different sources is hard to store, access, and use.

  • Automatically Standardize Sources

    Quiqnote standardizes formatting to store references to sources of many different formats in one convenient place.

  • One Format, Unlimited Access

    Quickly reference diverse content types in a one-stop document store.

  • Where Did I Read That?

    Multiple sources and locations makes remembering specific titles and retrieving content difficult.

  • Tag, That's It.

    Quiqnote uses a smart tagging system to classify content.

  • Everything in One Place

    All your relevant content in your library, easily accessible through a robust full text search and tagging system.

  • Content is Too Long

    Source content is dense, lengthy, and not always relevant.

  • Keep Only What You Need

    Quiqnote enables users to extract meaningful content from sources while leaving unnecessary material behind.

  • Faster Access to the Essentials

    Curate a source once, and easily view its annotations and notes at any time without having to refer to the original.

  • Too Much Content

    New content is published too frequently and on too many channels to track.

  • Autotrack Relevant Subjects

    Quiqnote will automatically track relevant publications on user-selected subjects.

  • Effortlessly Up to Date

    Stay on top of the most current, clinically relevant publications for your practice in your custom library.

  • Referencing Content While Writing Is a Pain

    It's difficult to use and reference older material when creating new content.

  • Editor and Your Notes, Side-by-side

    Quiqnote aggregates saved material alongside an editor for streamlined content creation.

  • More Accurate Content

    Create better content more quickly and accurately by viewing notes and curations as you generate new material.

Quiqnote Features

Curation, reference and retention tools to turn any reader into a genius.

Mobile and Tablet Friendly

Quiqnote allows curation beyond the desktop, with tablet and mobile support.

Save Almost Any Format

Quiqnote's powerful curation tool can import images and text from multiple sources, including the web, PDF, and MS Word.

Curate While Reading

On the fly content capture allows you to save highlights as you read without slowing you down to a crawl.

Organize by Keyword and ICD10

Built-in ICD10 categorization and flexible keyword tagging provide organizational solutions for medical content writers and learners.

Export to MS Word

Export functionality puts all saved and created content into Word format for convenient writing and editing.

Autosaved and Accessible Anywhere

Your personal library of summarized clinical essentials is saved automatically, and can be referenced anywhere you take your phone.