Healthcare's Only Closed-Loop Patient Experience Solution

Protoqual™ PX is an education platform that links real-time patient experience data with on-demand video learning to make medical offices and clinics a better place for patient, practitioners, and staff.

Improve frontline staff performance to elevate the patient experience

Your people are your patient experience. Our proven solution gives staff the skills and knowledge to deliver better care, improving CAHPS scores, revenue, and outcomes.

Learn from your patients in real-time

Patient feedback is essential. Our survey platform effortlessly identifies opportunities for patient experience improvement by increasing survey volume via text, email, QR code, and tablet.

Build the skills that matter to your patients

Effective education isn’t one size fits all. Our AI-powered training matches education to the unique needs of each office, automatically providing the most effective path to improvement.

Maximize engagement and retention with 3-minute video lessons

We build inspiring content that moves the needle. All our videos are planned and validated by medical professionals, written by Emmy-winners, and created by world-class animators.

Boost your online reputation automatically

80% of patients consider online reviews when choosing physicians. Our reputation booster makes it easy for satisfied patients to share their 5-star feedback on popular review sites.

Get started in minutes

We know how busy your offices are. Our virtual onboarding process requires no software download and can be completed in less than 10 minutes.


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    Protoqual links real-time patient feedback with AI-powered video training—giving your people the skills and knowledge to deliver the best patient experience.

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