Patient Experience: Effortlessly elevate customer service and workplace performance.

Service Matters

The quality of customer service you provide in the medical office has major impacts on care. Whether you are an individual practitioner or a large healthcare organization, the level of service your staff provides plays a significant role in how you are perceived, whether or not the health outcome is a positive one.

Studies link improved customer service with:

  • better patient experiences
  • higher survey scores
  • increased employee satisfaction
  • enhanced practitioner reputation
  • better clinical outcomes, and
  • higher reimbursement.

With so much at stake, why is so little emphasis placed on this critical area?

Painlessly train your healthcare workforce

Introducing Patient Experience, an animated video series covering essential customer service techniques to enhance the patient experience and streamline office administration in the medical setting.

Interactive exercises, gamification and incentives drive participation and maximize retention. Robust reporting makes it easy to track who’s learning, reward progress, and evaluate ROI. And because the lessons are all mobile friendly and less than three minutes long, your employees can learn on their own schedule without impacting productivity.

Make those boring lunch and learns a thing of the past. We think you’ll notice a difference, and your patients will too.

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