Service 7: More than double the learning opportunities in 2019.

HIPAA, Cybersecurity, and Social Media Policy among new course offerings.

Healthcare organizations seeking to raise patient satisfaction scores and nurture a culture of workforce excellence are turning to Protoqual’s Service 7 training solution.

In 2019, the program will offer its subscribers even more, dramatically expanding its curriculum while maintaining a focus on the topics most relevant to the medical office setting. New program offerings will build on and complement existing courses, and will include:

  • A full series on HIPAA compliance
  • A series on cybersecurity covering the home and workplace
  • A series on social media policy
  • Proven strategies for positive patient communication
  • New approaches to enhancing the overall patient experience
  • Recommendations to improve internal teamwork, and
  • A view of the practice through the patient’s eyes.

All access for all subscribers

A Service 7 subscription includes access to all new and existing content — and all content is available to both current employees and any new employees onboarded during the subscription period.

Service 7 is mobile device friendly and fully enterprise ready, with features like integrated single sign on, SCORM and xAPI compliance, API support, and 3rd party integration.

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