PQ Insight: What do your patients think about you right now?

If you don’t know, you’re missing major opportunities to improve patient experience.

Positive patient experience does more than just drive reputations. It is associated with better clinical outcomes, and is a growing component of Medicare’s reimbursement formula. It can help you get — and keep — patients, and ensure that you are recognized and compensated for the high quality care you provide.

Yet many practitioners and organizations have little insight into the opinions of their patients, relying on annual CAHPS survey scores or expensive and infrequent surveys by mail or phone.

With PQ Insight, Protoqual is changing that.

Real-time patient experience analytics that transforms practices

PQ Insight gives healthcare organizations the power to:

  • Learn more from patients with instant surveying and reporting
  • Empower staff participation with 360 degree internal survey tools
  • Automatically aggregate and analyze data from review sites using AI
  • Integrate the insights of patients and staff
  • Report at the medical group, office, and provider level
  • Reduce the cost and administrative burden of surveys
  • Drive intelligent interventions to change behavior and raise scores.

Better insights, better care, better survey scores

Imagine knowing what contributed to positive and negative patient experiences in your office today. Or what change would make the biggest difference in your survey scores. Or what keeps your employees from providing service excellence.

The information is out there. Harnessing it just takes a little Insight.

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