Primary Care connects practitioners with the right education based upon their individual performance metrics and utilization data.

The Primary Care platform integrates with electronic health records, scheduling modules, and outcomes data. Its recommendation engine harnesses data analytics and machine learning to identify individual performance deficiencies and determine educational activities designed to address them.

Education is tracked to measure engagement and progress, then correlated with behavior change and clinical outcomes to evaluate effectiveness and measure ROI.

Analyze Performance, Identify Needs

Recommendation engine transforms performance and utilization data into education plans that identify performance outliers and their education needs.

Target Education, Improve Outcomes

Learning management system delivers evidence-based education interventions in innovative formats designed to address knowledge deficits, change practitioner behavior and improve performance.

Deliver Value, Measure ROI

Robust tracking and reporting evaluates engagement and progress, correlating education with behavior change and clinical outcome improvement to determine effectiveness and measure ROI.

How Primary Care Helps

Relevant learning experiences that improve both outcomes and incomes.

  • Your Challenges
  • How Primary Care Helps
  • Positive Outcomes
  • Too Much Content

    The explosion of medical content online is not raising the quality of healthcare. There's too much to read, and relevant content is too hard to find.

  • Recommendation Engine

    Protoqual delivers targeted, evidence-based medical education matched to the clinical performance and educational needs of each healthcare practitioner.

  • Relevant Knowledge Gained

    Practitioners fill knowledge gaps with education relevant to their individual practice and clinical skills, improving fund of knowledge and outcomes.

  • Tough to Self-Assess

    Practitioners don't know where to focus their continuing professional development, and self-assessment is unreliable.

  • Analytics-Driven Assessment

    Protoqual AI uses performance and clinical utilization metrics to customize continuing education for each learner, maximizing relevance automatically.

  • Personalized Professional Development

    Continuing education goes beyond fulfilling requirements, charting each practitioner's personal path for lifelong learning.

  • Too Little Time

    Medical professionals lack the time for the reading and lifelong learning they need.

  • Built for Speed

    Protoqual focuses on the clinical essentials presented in innovative formats delivered anywhere via a cross-platform learning system.

  • Learn Anywhere, Fast

    Learning efficiency is maximized, delivering the largest improvement in relevant clinical knowledge in the shortest possible time.

  • Limits Time with Patient

    Most education is difficult to consume at the point of care without sacrificing time spent with patients.

  • Designed for Point of Care

    Protoqual's system is designed for use at or before the point of care, supporting easy access to focused, clinically-relevant videos, podcasts, and other new media.

  • Learning Without Sacrifice

    Practitioners learn during or before provision of care, improving care without sacrificing patient satisfaction.

  • Lack of Tracking

    Education is not tracked to measure success, and not correlated with performance to measure ROI.

  • Robust Reporting

    Protoqual's reporting capabilities track system engagement, measure behavior change over time, and calculate ROI.

  • Maximize ROI

    Organizations can monitor what is working to improve outcomes, change what isn't, and maximize the return on their medical education investment.

Primary Care Features

Comprehensive, analytics-driven learning to help practitioners deliver better care.

Evidence-Based Content

Content is sourced from medical journals, guidelines and databases, and vetted by a team of medical experts.

Advanced Recommendation Engine

Custom education interventions are automatically delivered to each practitioner based upon analysis of performance and utilization metrics.

Learning Theory Support

Primary Care leverages the latest learning techniques, including case-based learning, spaced repetition, and more, to maximize lasting educational impact.

Innovative Formats

Education is delivered in mobile and desktop environments using innovative multimedia techniques designed for the fast-paced ambulatory care environment.

Empower Learners

Practitioners can easily assess their own education needs, earn CME while improving deficiencies, and track their lifelong learning progress.

Third-Party Integrations

Secure integration with electronic medical records, data reporting, analytics systems, and active directories.

Tracking & Reporting

Education is tracked to measure engagement and progress, then correlated with behavior change and clinical outcomes to evaluate effectiveness and measure ROI.

Social Learning and Gamification

Learner behavior is meticulously tracked, with gamification that incentivizes engagement and social tools that support shared learning.

Value-Based Care Solutions

Analytics-powered education that supports organizations in their transitions to value-based care.