Elevating Patient Experience

Higher survey scores are just three minutes away.

Real-time insights into the satisfaction of patients, practitioners and staff. Empowered employees contributing to a culture of workplace excellence. Engaging learning experiences designed to maximize patient satisfaction and survey scores.

Protoqual PX is a complete practice transformation platform designed by healthcare professionals to deliver analytics-based, tactical education that enhances patient experience, practitioner reputation, and organization economics.

Empowered Employees, Better Care

Boost employee satisfaction and reduce burnout with practical skill building focused on customer service, operational efficiency, and patient experience.

Happier Patients, More Referrals

Create an army of referral advocates with techniques designed to make patients feel welcome, respected, and cared for.

Better Surveys, Better Economics

Focus on the skills that directly impact patient satisfaction scores, enabling higher ratings and improved economics.

Effortlessly build skills and onboard staff
with a growing library created by medical professionals.

  • Phone Etiquette

    Improve First Impressions and Phone Policies

    Transform the way your employees interact with patients over the phone with strategies and policy suggestions that cover first impressions, minimizing on-hold frustration, appointments, and more.

  • Empathy

    Strengthen Connections to Improve Relationships

    Build deeper and more positive relationships with patients with strategies covering introductions, teamwork, reducing patient anxiety, keeping them informed, and more.

  • Difficult Patients

    Cope With Challenging Situations

    Give office staff the tools to deal successfully with challenging situations, including keeping calm, asking the right questions, when to ask for help, and more.

  • Referrals and Auths

    Help Patients Navigate the Maze

    Empower employees to solve patient problems and guide their continued care with topics that include preventing delays, expediting referrals, unusual requests, and more.

  • Access and Coordination

    Get Patients the Care They Need

    Help office staff understand and meet the access milestones that constitute good care, including after hours access, appointments and appointment preparation, followup, and more.

  • Waiting and Exam Rooms

    Set the Stage for Success

    Make your waiting and exam rooms more patient friendly by learning key lessons including welcomes, dealing with insurance, reducing anxiety, handling delays, and more.

  • Surveys

    Make Sure Surveys Reflect You Well

    Recognizing the impact that survey scores have upon office reputation and reimbursement, this video provides tools to improve surveys responses by addressing topics like specialist care, ancillary services, patient questions, and staff helpfulness.

Total Practice Transformation

We handle patient surveying, employee training, engagement tracking, and performance reporting - so you don't have to.

  • Your Challenges
  • What We Do
  • Positive Outcomes
  • Patient Satisfaction Scores Are Static

    Existing content and learning tools are not built to optimize patient satisfaction.

  • Train, Track, and Incentivize

    Incentivization encourages engagement, testing measures learning, tracking and reporting ensure accountability.

  • Happier Patients and Higher Scores

    Employees build the skills to improve the patient experience in an environment that respects their time and rewards their effort.

  • Lessons Are Too Long

    Long lessons reduce compliance, diminish retention, and reduce employee satisfaction.

  • Three Minute Video Lessons

    Videos provide seven simple strategies in three minutes or less, with quick quizzes and review tools to reinforce takeaways.

  • Better Participation and Bigger Impact

    Barriers to participation are lowered, improving engagement, satisfaction, and organizational impact.

  • Boring Content

    Dull training presentations cause employees to tune out and become frustrated.

  • Animation and Gamification

    Engaging animated video lessons and gamification creates an exciting learning environment that rewards participation.

  • Improved Learning and Satisfaction

    Employees improve their service skills with a process that is fun and frustration free.

  • I Can't Learn on My Schedule

    Evening training sessions and lunch and learns reduce productivity, take time away from important work, and are seen as a chore.

  • Learn Anywhere, Anytime

    Cross-platform, mobile friendly learning system delivers lessons on the go, on any schedule, and on any device.

  • Learning: No Longer A Chore

    Employees learn more in less time, increasing productivity and developing skill proficiency more quickly and easily.

  • Tracking is Lacking

    Current education solutions have limited abilities to track an employee learning or measure education success and value.

  • We Track Everything

    Robust reporting tracks every minute, every lesson, and every test score, giving you a complete picture of your education efforts.

  • Educate Smarter

    Get the most out of workforce education; know who is learning, who needs help, and which lessons work best.


Everything you need to educate, track, and reward employees in pursuit of service excellence.

Painless Patient Surveys

Deliver anonymous surveys to patients via text, email, or at checkout.

Staff and Practitioner Feedback

Empower staff to solve problems and perform better with internal survey tools.

Real-Time Reporting

Instant insights from up-to-the-minute patient satisfaction survey scores.

Animated Interactive Content

Maximize engagement and retention with dynamic content and interactive exercises.

Robust Tracking and Reporting

Track all user activity with custom reporting, including courses taken, time spent, quiz and test scores.

Gamified and Incentivized Learning

Track and reward successful learners with badges, certificates, and other incentives to promote engagement.

Branded for Your Organization

Integrate seamlessly with existing training efforts by incorporating your logo and brand elements into training materials.

24/7 Mobile Access

Cross platform capability means you can access your courses on your phone, tablet or desktop any time you are ready to learn.

Flexible Pricing Plans

Pricing levels are available to accommodate organizations at the medical office, medical group, and enterprise level.