Full service video licensing and production for healthcare organizations.

Protoqual's video content is developed by a collaborative team of physicians, medical educators, communications specialists, and award-winning videographers and producers. Custom content can be produced on a project basis, or licensed from an ever-expanding library of pre-produced, white-labeled material.

Improve Clinical Outcomes

Our team of physicians, educators, and video specialists delivers unique visual learning using 3D animation, 4K video, and innovative production techniques.

Elevate Your Workforce

Focused training tools target the key challenges facing medical organizations, including customer service, medical coding, and physician outreach.

Enhance Customer Relationships

Connect more effectively with customers and other stakeholders using expert visual storytelling techniques that resonate and engage.

Solving healthcare challengeswith visual education and storytelling.

  • CME and CPD

    Expert Clinical Education

    Our clinical education videos are created by physicians, shot in 4K, and enhanced with 3D animation. CME content is validated, reviewed, and accredited by the Annenberg Center for Health Sciences, a top-rated CME provider.

  • High Value Care

    60 Seconds to Better Care

    Evidence-based, clinically relevant videos presenting high-value care recommendations, designed to provide the most information in the shortest possible time.

  • Customer Service

    Painless Office Learning

    In engaging, 3-minute animated videos, Protoqual's customer service training provides the essential tools and takeaways to enhance the patient experience and streamline office administration.

  • Marketing and Communications

    Better Healthcare Storytelling

    Collaborate with Protoqual's award-winning production team to create video messaging that elevates your brand, resonates with your audiences, and is sensitive to the unique constraints of the healthcare setting.

How Video Helps

License video libraries or develop your own custom content.

  • Your Challenges
  • How Video Helps
  • Positive Outcomes
  • Old Tools Aren't Working

    We need to tell our story to our customers and community in a more compelling way.

  • Exceptional Content

    Our production team includes physicians, marketing and communications experts, and Emmy-winning video production specialists, all working together to build dynamic and engaging content that is expertly produced and medically accurate.

  • More Effective Outreach

    Increased member attraction, retention, and satisfaction.

  • Our Services Need More Attention

    We need better capability to share critical information about our services with our members.

  • Your Story, Told Better

    Effective outreach that resonates and education campaigns that move the dial.

  • Education Bores Our Team

    Our office staff deserves supercharged training materials that cover key topics like customer service and coding quickly and engagingly.

  • An Empowered Team

    Happier, more effective employee that are interested in continuing to expand their capabilities.

  • Medical Education Is Stagnant

    Our practitioners would benefit from clear and concise videos that highlight clinically relevant pearls, procedures, and other content.

  • Higher Performing Workforce

    Better clinical decisionmaking from more satisfied practitioners, and an organizational culture of lifelong learning.

  • Coding Mistakes Are Costly

    Our organization is missing out on revenue due to incomplete medical coding.

  • Increased Accuracy and Proficiency

    More accurate coding that captures illness severity and associated resource demands.

    Video Features

    Video delivers tailored education to healthcare practitioners based upon individual.

    Built By Physicians

    Content created by those who know the audiences, concerns and needs of the healthcare environment.

    Advanced Video Production

    4K video, 3D medical animation, aerial footage, multi-camera perspectives, professional lighting and sound combine for a world-class product.

    Innovative Editing Techniques

    Creative post-production techniques highlight key takeaways, enhance clarity and increase retention, maximizing impact.