Make every healthcare interaction exceptional

We turn patient feedback into training initiatives that empower healthcare teams and elevate patient care

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The cost-effective, time-effective way to improve PX

Protoqual’s automated, scalable system helps health teams build their skills in just 5 minutes per week, without the usual high cost of training programs

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Tailor your training

Automatically convert your patient feedback data into targeted action and training that improves patient care and your scores.

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Boost CAHPS scores

We know what your scores mean to you. Our training program is CAHPS-based to ensure your teams work on the skills that count.

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Prevent burnout

Our training modules work–and so do teams, when they have the tools to excel at their roles and feel celebrated for their achievements.

Streamline your journey to better CAHPS scores

Effortlessly manage your PX initiatives on one easy-to-use Hub, leveraging our survey and training resources while integrating your own

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Turn feedback into action

Our customizable survey tool makes it easy to collect real-time feedback and convert it into immediate actions that improve your scores.

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Targeted training on the skills that matter

Upskill your teams in just 5 minutes per week with our physician-written, Emmy-winner-produced training videos that arrive automatically in their inboxes. Based on insights from patient feedback to focus on the right skills.

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Track progress and celebrate wins

Get total visibility of your organization’s performance across the board, with customized dashboards delivering the right information at every level. Track interventions, compare groups, offices, and providers, and boost morale by shouting out PX wins.

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Protoqual's impact takes you full circle

We don’t just collect actionable insights to improve PX–we make it happen.

We don’t just collect actionable insights to improve PX–we make it happen.

Start improving PX in minutes

We make onboarding simple and custom-fit, no matter your organization’s requirements


We customize the system—from surveys and services to reporting and learning plans— to meet your needs and priorities


We configure the PX Hub and map your organization within the system to make for seamless distribution of training materials, surveys, and reporting

onboard practices and staff

We set you and your teams up with the Protoqual web app in under 10 minutes, with no IT resources required

Optimize FOR continuous improvement

We have regular check-ins and reviews to optimize the PX hub’s functionalities and make sure it meets your organization’s evolving needs

We care about patient privacy

Your patients’ privacy is as important to us as it is to you. That’s why our surveys are 100% anonymous and we do not store any PHI.

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Major healthcare organizations trust Protoqual for PX management

Major healthcare
organizations trust Protoqual
for PX management


Net promoter score improvement


higher overall patient survey scores


higher Healthgrades provider rating scores


of learners find content helpful