Data analytics, engaging content, and learning theory integrated to develop your healthcare workforce.

  • Patient Experience

    A learning system that builds the skills of the office staff working directly with patients. A survey engine that identifies and responds to patient and staff needs in real time with in-built reputation management.

  • Primary Care

    A data-driven learning platform designed by healthcare practitioners for lifelong learning. Analyze provider performance, identify gaps, and deliver targeted education to improve outcomes.

  • Collaborative Learning with Quiqnote

    A convenient, searchable, curated personal library for all your journal articles. Effortlessly capture and store essential information while reading. Quickly and easily share key details with your colleagues.

  • Content as a Service

    Relevant, evidence-based content designed for use at the point of care. Access an essential medical library covering the most common clinical conditions to expand fund of knowledge and scope of practice.

Evidence-based content and technology solutions to improve population health.

  • Medical Groups

    Data-driven education that elevates outcomes.

    Identify and address deficiencies in both clinical performance and utilization management with targeted, evidence-based education that changes practitioner behavior. Track outcome improvements and evaluate ROI as you boost quality, efficiency, and profitability.

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  • Healthcare Practitioners

    Earn CME and be the best you can be.

    Supercharge your lifelong learning with an evidence-based education plan that uses your own performance metrics to improve your knowledge and skill. Spend more time with patients and earn CME on the go with a learning system that respects your busy schedule.

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  • Patients

    Get informed. Get connected. Get well.

    Access a mobile library of relevant health information recommended by your doctor. Use built-in social tools to ask questions and share what you know. Earn rewards for learning about your condition and partnering with your physician to achieve your healthcare goals.

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  • Students and Educators

    Teach, learn, and share -- anywhere.

    Harness best learning practices via a multimedia library of evidence-based content, fully searchable by keyword and ICD10 code. Engage with existing material or create your own by curating the most clinically relevant information. Collaborate with peers, patients and students.

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  • Corporate Trainers

    Engage, educate and empower.

    Train, track and reward employee learning in a dramatically new way. Import existing training materials into the system or develop new content with Protoqual support. Create a collaborative learning environment with social tools and gamification. Monitor engagement data to evaluate effectiveness.

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