Healthcare organizations, students and practitioners use Protoqual content to improve clinical outcomes, value of care, and patient satisfaction.

Content is sourced by medical experts from peer-reviewed studies and journals, and then enhanced with video, animation, and interactive exercises to maximize engagement effectiveness.

Organizations can request custom content and offer CME credit opportunities to their practitioners. Built-in analytics track user response and progress, correlating performance with clinical outcomes and ROI.

Focused Content

Protoqual's medical library focuses on the conditions most commonly encountered in the primary care practice to maximize relevance, reference and retention.

Organized for Doctors

Accessibility is enhanced by an organizational system developed for the medical community, with ICD10, keyword, and disease system support.

CME Validation

Practitioners using the library for quick reference or focused learning can earn continuing professional development credit through Protoqual's partnership with a top-rated CME provider.

How Protoqual Content as a Service Helps

Evidence-based education built to improve outcomes.

  • Your Challenges
  • How Protoqual Helps
  • Positive Outcomes
  • Scattered Content

    My medical content is scattered in different journals, websites, and databases.

  • Access Anywhere

    Access a full scope of current, evidence-based medical content in one convenient source across mobile and desktop platforms.

  • Easier Reference

    No more trying to remember where a particular article is located -- the answers you need are now in one place.

  • Searching Takes Too Long

    It's too time consuming to find the answers I need right away.

  • Healthcare-Specific Search Tools

    Full ICD10 categorization and robust search and filter support make the hunt quick and easy.

  • Find and Learn Faster

    Improve clinical decision making, broader fund of knowledge, and the confidence that comes from education that relates directly to your practice.

  • Too Little Time With Patients

    I don't have time to read and digest long articles when I am focusing on providing care.

  • Essential Clinical Content Only

    Laser-focused content shares only the clinical essentials, distilling content to its most beneficial for primary care practice.

  • Less Searching, More Time

    Less time spent hunting for content means more time delivering care, and more satisfied patients.

  • No CME Credit for Daily Learning

    I don't earn CME for the learning I'm doing in my practice every day.

  • CME Tracking and Awarding

    Protoqual tracks, records, and rewards your medical learning, with a variety of cross-platform CME activities available.

  • Effortless and Painless CME

    Complete CME effortlessly while answering the everyday questions that improve your skills as a practitioner.

  • CME Is Not Engaging

    I'd like more variety and choices in the way I consume medical education.

  • Innovative and Varied Content

    Protoqual's content uses videos, case-based learning, interactive media and other technology to keep content fresh and engaging.

  • Learn Better

    Keep learning fresh with innovative education strategies designed to be effective in the car, on line at the coffee shop, or at the point of care.

Content as a Service Features

Medically organized content focused on improving your knowledge as a practitioner.

Interactive Case-Based Learning

Test knowledge and learn with engaging and realistic interactive medical scenarios.

CME Activities

Earn CME credit while viewing activities of interest in the medical library.

Guideline Updates

View essential summaries of clinical practice guideline updates in formats designed to aid reference and retention.

Utilization Management Rationale

Educational content that improves clinical utilization and expands scope of practice.

High Value Care Advice

Practical, practice-changing guidance from the most impactful medical journals, databases, and specialty societies.

Coding Education

Enhance the efficiency of medical coding with activities designed to improve coding accuracy and documentation.